How to Hear, Listen, and Understand the Voice of God

What is it?

“He Speaks” Is a four-week Bible Study designed to help people discover the ways God speaks to his people throughout the Bible.

What Will it Do?

1. Unpack the different ways GOD SPEAKS in the Scripture to his people.

2. Discuss how we can apply these same strategies in modern day and understand what the Holy Spirit is personally saying to you.

3. Teach how to partner with God’s Voice to minister to others like never before.

A man stopped me, trying to give me a coupon for a local night club. When I saw his eyes, something in me jumped, and I longed to tell him of the love of God. 

“I’m a Christian, and Jesus loves you,” I said

“Ya ya,” he said with a shrug that said he had heard the “you need Jesus” speech before.

A prayer shot through my mind. “God please give me something different to show this man you are real.”

Suddenly I saw a flash through my mind of a little girl, with curly black hair, looking up. I knew she was alone, and that she wanted her Father back. 

“Tell me about your daughter?” I asked him.

“What?” He said, looking shocked. 

“She is alone, and she wants you to come back home. God wants you to stop selling stripper coupons in Vegas, go back home to your daughter.

How did you know I left my daughter?”

“I’m a Christian, and God just told me that your daughter is alone, and she wants you back. He wants you to go back to her. Go be a Father.”

Head down, tears forming, he broke.

“I left her and her mom in Washington. I don’t know what I’m doing man…”

“God loves you so much, he wants your heart, and he wants to Father you, so that you can go be the Father your daughter needs.”

I proceeded to explain the gospel to him. How Christ died, rose again, and the only way to God is through Christ. He hugged me and began sobbing into my shoulder. 

This was his encounter moment. 

God knew he had a daughter who needed him, and God wanted to break in so badly that He spoke to a random stranger.

The man threw down his Stripper Club coupons, said, “I have to go to the airport, I'm flying home tonight to see my daughter” 

I am so thankful that God speaks. He longs for believers to hear, listen, and understand his voice so that they can release it into the world around them. 

What if He could do this THROUGH YOU?

Growing Up, I had Trouble Hearing God, so I tried...

Going to Church.

I knew God was at Church, and thought that God only spoke to spiritual people like the Pastors.

When I felt distant from God I would go listen to a sermon hoping it would give me an answer.

Sometimes it helped, but often the sermon would have nothing to do with what I needed. I would leave feeling like I’ll try again next week. 

Random Bible Flip. 

We have all done this! We ask God to speak to us, close our eyes, and randomly flip open the Bible, pointing to a verse, and hope God uses it to speak.

Then are confused by what the verse means. Out of the hundreds of times I have done this, I think it worked twice. 

to Bribe God and Repent.

When the sermon didn’t work and the Bible flipping failed, I found myself pleading with God,

“God if you will speak, then I’ll fast, or serve, or live holier.”

I assumed if I felt far from God then I must be in sin or not spiritual enough. I’d recall the day, repenting of everything I could think of. Most of my prayer life was recounting my sins!

1. My life and faith came alive!

It was like I lived in a house my entire life, and for the first time ever, the house got electricity and water!

2. My relationship with God became a two way street.

My prayer life transformed. I finally felt connected to God! Prayer was no longer me throwing up a bunch of words to God. I could hear what he had to say in response.

3. His Voice Overflowed

Learning to Hear God's Voice led to countless salvations, miracles, and breakthroughs for others to Jesus!


He Speaks

How to Hear, Listen to, and Understand the Voice of God.

About the Bible Study:

1. Bite-sized Videos

No more 2 hours sermons and long complicated notes. This course is broken down into 25 short videos that you can listen to each day. Each day will take no more than 15 minutes.

2. Activation Ebook

Don’t just listen, Activate! This ebook will give you questions and assignments and to help activate hearing God in new ways.

3. Biblically Sound

This is truly a Bible Study, with each lesson grounded in and backed up with the Scriptures.

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Example Curriculum

  Week One: Foundations of Hearing God
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  Weekend Bonus Resources
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  Week 2: Visions, Dreams, and Audibly Hearing God.
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  Bonus Weekend Resources
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  Week 3: Body, Soul, and Mind.
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  Weekend Bonus Resources
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  Week 4: How Else Can God Speak?
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  Bonus Sermon Bundle
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Only $70

He Speaks Bible Study

Hear, Listen, and Understand the Voice of God


20 Devotional Videos- One for every Monday through Friday for an entire Month!

15+ Bonus Videos- These extracurricular videos are for those who want to dive even deeper! These videos contain everything from short activations and challenges, to full podcast episodes, sermons, and interviews on how to hear God!

Activation Ebook-Questions to help you process each days content, as well as Activation Challenges to help Kick Start Hearing God's Voice!

Exclusive Bonuses

Sermon Bundle

Receive Multiple Sermons on Related Topics that Taylor has preached throughout various Church, Nations, and Ministries.

Podcast Bundle

4 Hours of Extra Podcast Content and interviews with people changing the World for Jesus!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will it take to complete the Bible Study?

The course is designed to be a Bible Study for an entire Month. It consists of a video for each work day of the week, and then a challenge for the weekend.

What is included in the Activation Ebook?

The ebook is designed with questions that you fill out each day. It will also contain verses and activation challenges.

How Do I Access the Bible Study?

You will be able to access the course online through the Teachable app.

How long do I have access to the Bible Study?

Lifetime Access!

How long does it take to see results?

This depends on the individual, but many start hearing God and feeling more connected in the very first week!

What if I don’t like it?

Not sure if you will like the product? Go ahead and try it out and if you don't like it at any point within 30 days you will get a full refund! And you get to keep the ebook!